Hi, i'm trying to make this "script" to work...anyways, what its suppose to do is have different video media files (avi, wma and if possible, quicktime) play in the same spot and the same window size. Can anyone fix / improve on it for me please? Thanks!

<script type="text/javascript">
function changeChannel(channel){
} }
<p><a href="jsDisabled.html" onClick="changeChannel('samx.avi'); return false;">1st Movie Intro</a>
<a href="jsDisabled.html" onClick="changeChannel('samuraix_sonofgod.avi'); return false;">Next Movie</a></p>
<a href="Sample.mov" onClick="changeChannel('Sample.mov'); return false;">Quicktime Mov</a></p>
<center><embed id="tv_screen" src="samx.avi" autostart="false"></embed></center>