I'm just now tinkering around with Macromedia Contribute.

I've created 2 folders, the first called News the second Pages

I have one user that will be modifying content to pages in both folders.

However, what I would like to do is have two connections set up, one for each folder. The user can only connect to News OR Pages, but not both at the same time. For instance, when they go to the News folder they would be allowed to create a new page from a template. However, I don't want them creating new pages in the Pages folder -- just be able to edit the existing pages.

I've tried setting up the two connections, each set with a different permission group. However, when they click on New Page, it shows with files from both the News & Pages folders including the templates.

In short, if they are working with the News connection, they only see files, & templates within that folder only.

Any suggestions?