I use MySQL 3.23 for building a webapp on top.

The tool that I use to manage the database is DBTools. I like it, it's a good tool and is easy to use. I frequently visit mysql.com searching for updates. And indeed, there you had it.. 4.0 was in production and 4.1.0 Alpha developpement was also available.
Now what did I do ?
I downloaded the Alpha version, main reason : the use of subqueries. And it works perfectly !


DBTools doesn't work anymore.. When trying to connect to my database I get an error message : Client does not support authentication protocol requested by server. Consider upgrading MySQL Client.
I thought.. damm No support.. So I started looking for other Client GUI's.. like the MySQL Control Center, but I got the same error there.
So I'm now forced to use the standard MySQL Client. Running my testing queries in script-files. I can manage I guess but I miss a GUI

Someone out there knows one that works with the Alpha version and, if not, what are the alternatives .. f.e. I heard something about PostgresSQL.. would that be a better choice of database ? (+: subqueries, stored procedures, views, etc. - : slow ?)

Any help would be greatly appreciated !