Tatsiana Levdikova, Dec 02

Using Color Schemes in Mobile UI Design

According to Kissmetrics, a product’s visual appearance is the number one factor influencing consumers’ purchasing decisions. Nowadays, it is common practice among marketing managers to hire color consultants to get assistance in determining a color (or colors) that would attract their customers. They understand that colors are an important marketing tool. Mobile app developers have many useful things to learn from them. The color wheel based on the three primary colors (red, yellow, and blue) has been used by artists for centuries. The first color diagram was developed by Newton 350 years ago. The color wheel used nowadays includes primary, secondary (green, orange, and purple) and tertiary colors (yellow-orange, red-orange, red-purple, blue-purple, blue-green, and yellow-green).
Elio Qoshi, Nov 22

Firefox OS post-mortem - Interview with Andre Garzia

I am happy to be joined today by Andre Garzia, a Mozilla Tech Speaker, Firefox OS book author and contributor at Mozilla for the past few years. At SitePoint we tend to cover cutting edge topics and keep developers in the loop about the latest happenings around the web. This time however, we will have a look back and talk about Firefox OS, which as you might have heard, was discontinued earlier this year. We will have a look at the things Firefox OS stood for, what impact it had on the web and what lessons we can learn from it. Elio: It’s great having you here Andre! Also thanks for taking the time to cover a few things about Firefox OS, which might be a rather difficult topic, as we have all been so passionate about it. Andre: It’s my pleasure. After all this time we can have a look at Firefox OS in a less biased way, I believe. Elio: I suppose. It would be great if you could tell me more about yourself at Mozilla and how did you get involved with Firefox OS in the first place? Andre: I was participating in a hackathon, on a brazilian campus party. They had these huge hackathons there lasting for many days. People basically camp there with activities 24/7. I went to that event alone, I didn’t have a crew to hang out with and a couple of days before that event, I went to a Firefox OS app day, where they explained the system and the API-s.
Wern Ancheta, Nov 09

Getting Started with Fuse

In this tutorial we’ll be creating a Hacker News Reader app with Fuse, a tool for developing cross-platform apps that runs on both Android and iOS devices.
Joyce Echessa, Nov 08

Creating a Backend for Your iOS App Using Firebase

Firebase provides all the backend infrastructure you need for your mobile app. This tutorial shows you how to integrate it into an iOS app. 
Mark Pedersen, Oct 19

Progressive Web Apps: Bridging the Gap Between Web and Mobile

Mark Pedersen takes a look at what progressive web apps are, their advantages and disadvantages, and reasons to consider building one for yourself.
Chris Ward, Oct 07

Developing Add-ons for Enterprise Apps like JIRA

Chris Ward looks beyond developing for Google Play and Apple's App Store to enterprise app stores, and their opportunities for better returns and support.
Lars Klint, Sep 14

Building Your First HoloLens App: Creating Assets

Lars Klint looks at how to create all of the assets needed to start a project in Unity for the Microsoft HoloLens.
Chris Ward, Sep 12

Exploring the Evive: A Book-Sized IoT Device

Chris Ward looks at how to get started using Evive, an Arduino-based IoT platform.
Valdio Veliu, Sep 09

Monetizing Apps with the Google AdMob SDK

Valdio Veliu looks at one option for monetizing your Android Apps, using Google's own AdMob SDK.
Joyce Echessa, Sep 07

Creating a Cloud Backend for Your Android App Using Firebase

With Parse shutting in January 2017, Joyce Echessa looks at alternatives, such as using Firebase as a cloud backend for your Android app.
Patrick Catanzariti, Sep 05

Forecasting the Weather with Your Raspberry Pi and Bluemix

Patrick Catanzariti looks at how to pair up IBM's Weather Company service with Node-RED and IBM Bluemix on a Raspberry Pi.
Deivi Taka, Sep 02

Securing Your Android Apps with the Fingerprint API

Deivi Taka looks at how to secure your Android apps with the Marshmallow Fingerprint API.
Abbas Suterwala, Aug 31

Using ViewPager to Create a Sliding Screen UI in Android

Abbas Suterwala looks at using ViewPager in Android for creating sliding screen UIs in your apps.
Annarita Tranfici, Aug 26

5 Great Services To Optimize Your Mobile Apps

Annarita Tranfici looks at 5 services to help you optimize your mobile apps based on how users are actually using them.
Wern Ancheta, Aug 24

Adding Analytics to a React Native App

React Native is a great framework for building cross platform apps, and Wern Ancheta looks at adding user analytics with Keen.io and Segment.io
Design & UX
Konrad Caban, Aug 22

How to (Almost) Painlessly Troubleshoot Your Client Sites

FInding, tagging and removing bugs may not be glamorous but it's a product development phase. Konrad has a toolset for painless troubleshooting of bug.
Valdio Veliu, Aug 19

A Step by Step Guide to Building an Android Audio Player App

Valdio Veliu presents an in-depth and step by step guide to building your very own Android audio player app.
Simon Codrington, Aug 12

Transfer Data between Activities with Android Parcelable

Simon Codrington looks at Android Parcelable, a fundamental building block for transferring data between activities in your Apps.
Wern Ancheta, Aug 10

Communicating with Bluetooth Low Energy Devices in Cordova

Wern Ancheta shows how to to communicate with bluetooth low energy devices in a Cordova-based app.
Ayomide Aregbede, Aug 05

Build a Stateful Real-Time App with React Native and Pusher

Ayomide Aregbede creates a real-time app for chatting between users, making use of React Native and Pusher
Theodhor Pandeli, Aug 02

Hassle-Free Image Loading in Android with Picasso from Square

Theodhor Pandeli looks at simplifying image loading in Android with the Picasso library from Square.
Valdio Veliu, Jul 29

Tidy and Optimize Your Java Code with Android Butter Knife

Valdio Veliu looks at Android Butter knife, a great tool for optimizing and tidying your Android codeso you can focus on important logic.
Wern Ancheta, Jul 26

Use React Native to a Create a Face Recognition App

Wern Ancheta uses React Native and the Microsoft face API to create a face recognition app.
Deivi Taka, Jul 22

Developing Push Notifications for iOS 10

Deivi Taka takes a look at developing push notifications for iOS 10, what's new and how to take advantage of these features.