Introducing The SitePoint CSS Reference!

    Matthew Magain

    We’re very excited to reveal that the SitePoint CSS Reference is now open to the public!


    Written by two of the world’s most renowned CSS experts, Tommy Olsson and Paul O’Brien, the reference contains a bunch of features that make it stand out from the pack — things like cross-browser compatibility charts and user feedback (ala the PHP manual) — to ensure that it is accurate, up to date, and best-practice. If you’re building sites with CSS, this is a reference you’ll keep coming back to again and again.

    We’d like to extend a big thank you to everyone who got involved during the private beta test stage! We received some excellent, constructive feedback from many members of the SitePoint community, some of which has already been implemented; we’ve also penciled in many other suggestions for future releases.

    We believe that the unique combination of expert commentary, thoroughness of content, useful examples, up-to-date browser charts and dynamic user feedback make this the best CSS reference online. Period.

    Check it out: