Ada Ivanoff, Feb 27

7 Scheduling Tips for Stressed Out Freelancers

Ada Ivanoff looks at seven ways freelancers can manage their schedule better to avoid stress, chaotic time management and burn-out.
M. David Green, Feb 22

Scrum Artifacts: Product Increment

At the end of each sprint, the completed features that were worked on should be added to the product for the sprint demo.
Tim Evko, Feb 21

REST, GraphQL, and Founding a Startup, with Michael Paris and Vince Ning

In this episode of the Versioning Show, Tim and David are joined by Michael Paris and Vince Ning, founders of Scaphold.io, a backend service for GraphQL.
M. David Green, Feb 20

Scrum Artifacts: Velocity and Burndown Charts

velocity is how a scrum team measures the amount of work they can complete in a typical sprint. By tracking the number of story points the team can
M. David Green, Feb 16

Scrum Artifacts: Definition of Done

Declaring a story to be done is a means of verifying that all of its critical aspects have been completed based on the way each team works.
Design & UX
John Barton, Feb 16

An Engineering Manager's Guide to Rebranding

Ever wondered how rebranding works? 99designs Engineering Manager John Barton conveys how to rebrand efficiently and correctly.
Design & UX
Jason Lengstorf, Feb 15

How to Overcome All Your Fears Without Being Brave

 Why are we afraid of safe things, and cheerfully cavalier about things that are actually dangerous? Science (and Jason) has some useful suggestions.
Aaron Agius, Feb 14

10 Unexpected Ways to Get Recognized as Your Industry’s Authority

Aaron Agius looks at strategies entrepreneurs, developers and others can use to build influence and authority in their industries.
M. David Green, Feb 13

Scrum Artifacts: Scrum Board

There are electronic tools and services that are designed to help teams capture and manage stories as they move from one state to the next.
Design & UX
Ophelie Lechat, Feb 10

Giveaway: Get a New Logo from 99designs for Free

The best 99designs offer available: a free contest giveaway, and a free $99 upgrade on any logo or design contest. 
M. David Green, Feb 09

Scrum Artifacts: Sprint Backlog

The sprint backlog is the set of developer stories that the team has committed to working on during the current sprint.
M. David Green, Feb 06

Scrum Artifacts: Product Backlog

Stories for the development team emerge from the product owner's product backlog.
Abhishek Talreja, Feb 03

How Processes Overcome These Small Business Productivity Hurdles

Businesses without good process management leave a lot of money on the table. Here's how you can boost your small business productivity.
Aleczander Gamboa, Feb 02

Meet the Top 3% Disrupting the Freelance Industry

Introducing Toptal - an elite talent agency that houses the top 3% of best software developers, UX/UI designers and finance experts the world has to offer.
M. David Green, Feb 02

Scrum Artifacts: Stories

One of the most basic artifacts of scrum for web and mobile work is the story that describes a feature to be worked on.
Aleczander Gamboa, Feb 01

Turn Your Side Project into a Full-Time Gig: Tips from Hacking UI

Hacking UI and Side Project Accelerator Co-Founder David Tinter shares his top tips to turning your side project into a full-time gig.
Design & UX
John Stevens, Feb 01

6 Email Hacks Guaranteed to Boost Results from Your Email Efforts

According to the Direct Marketing Association, you can expect an ROI of $38 for every $1 you spend on email marketing. Small tweaks can be big money.
Design & UX
Kelsey Bryant, Jan 31

Kerry Ellis Shares Her Passion for Book Cover Design

What makes a good book cover designer, and how can you work with one? Kerry Ellis, one of 99designs' top designers, shares her advice.
M. David Green, Jan 30

Scrum Rituals: Sprint Retrospective

If the daily standup is one of the most iconic rituals of scrum, the sprint retrospective may be the most representative of the agile philosophy.
Kevin Wood, Jan 25

7 Copywriting Hacks to Boost Your Conversions

Kevin Wood shares seven copywriting tips that beginners can apply to their marketing materials immediately.
M. David Green, Jan 24

Team Resources in Scrum

A scrum team doesn't work in a vacuum. There's usually an organization that exists around scrum, and that supports the efforts of the scrum team
Charles Costa, Jan 23

Boost Your Brand by Turning Your WordPress Blogs into eBooks

Publishing your own eBooks can seem daunting, however WordPress' versatility makes eBook creation easy by using existing content and off-the-shelf plugins.
Michelle Nickolaisen, Jan 20

How to Earn Passive Income by Creating Digital Info Products

Freelance income has its ups and downs. Info products can help you diversify your income--and they're easy to create. Here's how to get started.
M. David Green, Jan 20

Scrum Rituals: Sprint Demo

At the end of the sprint, everything that was worked on for the current sprint is demonstrated for the team, the product owner, and observers.