Meet the Top 3% Disrupting the Freelance Industry

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Meet the Top 3% Disrupting the Freelance Industry


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As the freelance workforce continues to grow rapidly, so does the struggle for companies to find the right talent to get the job done effectively and efficiently.

Considering the amount of time, effort and money required to find a good freelancer, it’s really no wonder why so many employers dread doing the task. Simply put, it’s no longer about finding a good candidate for a job, but the best candidate – one with the right experience, knowledge and skills that are specific to the needs of your project.

Cue in Toptal — an exclusive, elite network that has curated the top 3% of freelance software developers, UX/UI designers and finance experts in the world as its talent. In other words, they’re a breath of fresh air in an otherwise crowded industry, changing it for the better.

Of course, obtaining the top 3% is no easy feat and not everyone can join Toptal’s elite network. Toptal vets possible talent by conducting a comprehensive 5-step screening process:

  • Language and Personality: English language skills and communication efficiency.
  • Skill Review: Technical knowledge and problem solving skills.
  • Live Screening: Live tests conducted to gauge depth of experience, communication and creativity.
  • Test Projects: Scenarios are given to applicants to test their knowledge and professionalism.
  • Continued Excellence: Toptalers are expected to maintain a perfect track record.

Only a quarter of freelance applicants pass the first screening test, and by the end of it only the best of the best join the Toptal network. While the screening process may sound time consuming in itself, Toptal’s efforts have paid off — the company has a consistent track record of solving problems for startups like Airbnb, Udacity, Artsy and Thumbtack, and Fortune 500 companies including Emirates, J.P Morgan and Pfizer. With such a diverse clientele list, it’s no wonder they’ve earned the reputation as one of the best premier freelance networks in the world.

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Toptal’s talent includes former CTOs, VPs of Engineering, and expert developers in leading mobile, web, and back-end technologies as well as emerging fields such as data science and machine learning. Meanwhile, its senior-level designers have proven themselves at companies including Disney and Marvel, excelling at producing world class user interfaces and experiences (UI/UX) across mobile applications, websites, and more. Finally, its network is supported by elite finance experts, providing clients with top tier support in fundraising, financial modelling and valuation, pricing and market research.

Toptal gives clients a more personalised approach to choosing freelancers. With the help of a senior level matcher, clients are matched with talent possessing the specific skillset your project needs. Weeks are shaved off of the hiring process, so the client can focus on the success of their business instead of evaluating dozens of candidates. And it’s not just about eliminating subpar candidates. Clients have access to an entire network of elite designers, for example, who would otherwise be very hard to reach.

For companies that want to best utilize their time without having to cut corners, Toptal is the best contender to consider. In addition to housing the top freelancers in the industry, clients can also take comfort with Toptal’s zero-risk model. Every freelancer starts on a trial period, and you only pay if you’re satisfied with the results.

It doesn’t matter what stage your project is in — whether that’s designing, producing or developing a product, Toptal prides itself on putting the client first and giving them access to the best freelancers the world has to offer.

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