Larry Alton, May 16

The 2 Secrets to Successfully Selling Online Courses

The e-learning industry is booming, expected to be worth $240 billion by 2023. Larry Alton looks at two themes among successful online course ventures.
Design & UX
Preston Pierce, May 09

How to Boost Usability with Intelligent Color Choices

Preston Pierce shows us how to carefully optimise contrast levels and choose colors that boost usability, accessibility and conversions.
Andrew McDermott, Apr 27

6 Unexpected Mistakes That Keep Developers from Getting a Raise

Wondering why you got passed over for a raise after doing a stand-out job? Andrew McDermott explains six mistakes developers make in their careers.
Design & UX
David Attard, Apr 27

6 Tools to Stop Your Devs and Designers Strangling Each Other

Having the best developers and designers on the planet is no good if they aren't on the same page. David has the tools to help you fit them together.
Lucero del Alba, Apr 26

7 Deep Work Tips That Will Dramatically Boost Your Productivity

Lucero del Alba explains how you can start changing your habits to favor deep work, so you can get more done while freeing up more time for living life.
Charles Costa, Apr 25

The 3 SaaS Metrics That Matter (& How to Improve Them)

It's easy to get bogged down with meaningless business metrics. Charles Costa looks at the three you need to watch if you're starting a SaaS business.
Design & UX
Roman Rudnik, Apr 25

How to Boost App Downloads by A/B Testing Icons

Roman Rudnik shows us how to boost app store downloads by A/B testing multiple icon designs in this step-by-step walkthrough.
Parth Misra, Apr 24

4 Lead Nurturing Strategies for Better Conversion Rate Optimization

Parth Misra looks at lead nurturing as a strategy for improving conversion rates, including personalization, follow-up and lead scoring.
Alex Moskovski, Apr 12

How to Find a Niche and Validate Early Stage Pricing

Alex Moskovski gives a rundown on finding the right niche, validating your MVP and getting your early-stage pricing right with a dynamic testing model.
Design & UX
Valeriia Timokhina, Apr 11

25 Design Conferences That Will Blow Your Mind in 2017

Valeriia Timokhina spills the beans on the best design and UX conferences to attend in 2017. Stay up to date with the latest advancements in your industry.
Rachel McPherson, Apr 10

How to Keep Your Marketing Campaigns Organized

Rachel McPherson shows how to keep your digital marketing campaigns organized using content calendars, goals and productivity software.
Kevin Wood, Apr 10

How to Build a Content Strategy From the Ground Up

Kevin Wood shows you how to build your content strategy, from planning through production, promotion, testing and measurement.
M. David Green, Apr 04

Troubleshooting Scrum

In this exclusive book excerpt from Scrum: Novice to Ninja, we take a look at troubleshooting Scrum and how to overcome obstacles in the process.
M. David Green, Mar 30

Taking Steps towards Scrum

In this exclusive excerpt from our book, Scrum: Novice to NInja, by M. David Green, we discuss how to get teams started with the Scrum process.
Daniel Schwarz, Mar 30

​Active Collab: How Collaboration Should Have Been All Along

Daniel Schwarz takes a look at Active Collab, a powerful collaboration tool with time tracking, invoicing, task management and more.
Design & UX
Andrew Tiburca, Mar 28

5 Tips for Improving Your Consumer UX

43% of consumers have very minimal computer skills, Andrew Tiburca shows you how to optimise your consumer UX so that your users aren't left in the dark.
Anja Skrba, Mar 27

How to Get Started with Marketing Automation for Free

Anja Skrba looks at seven marketing automation tools for entrepreneurs on a budget.
Daniel Schwarz, Mar 26

How to Leave Your Terrible Job or Project This Year

You've decided it's time to leave a job that isn't paying enough, or is making you miserable. Daniel Schwarz shows you how to leave without burning bridges.
M. David Green, Mar 22

Scrum: Walking through a Story (Part 3)

In this book excerpt, we continue looking into the importance of walking through a story during Scrum processes.
Paul Maplesden, Mar 22

How to Create a Beautiful Portfolio Website with Squarespace

Pau Maplesden shows you how to create a beautiful portfolio website for your freelance business with Squarespace.
M. David Green, Mar 21

Scrum: Working through a Story (Part 2)

In this exclusive excerpt from our book Scrum: Novice to Ninja, we look at the importance of the second Standup and why developers should utilize it.
Sid Galada, Mar 21

How Much Is My App Worth and How Do I Sell It?

Sid Galada shows you how to valuate your app and sell it when you're ready to move on to the next project.
M. David Green, Mar 16

Scrum: Working through a Story (Part 1)

In the last chapter, we were introduced to the product owner's world, and taken through the process of developing and creating a story for the team.
M. David Green, Mar 10

The Scrum Contract (Part 2)

In this exclusive excerpt from our book, Scrum: Novice to Ninja, we expand further into the importance of the Scrum Contract.