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By Ophelie Lechat

Giveaway: Get a New Logo from 99designs for Free

By Ophelie Lechat

Good news: the SitePoint team has partnered up with 99designs to offer a free Silver level logo contest (usually worth US$499) to one of our loyal readers, and an exclusive 99designs offer for everyone.

If you’ve been working on your business for a little while — whether it’s an agency, an ecommerce site, software, anything goes — and wish your logo reflected your brand a little bit better, we want to hear from you.

99designs offers creators access to the best designers from around the world, and you’ll be in good company: heard of Docker? StackOverflow? Flippa?

They all worked with top-tier designers on 99designs.

What you’ll get

One reader will receive a voucher for a 99designs logo contest. Here’s what happens next:

  • Complete a brief on 99designs to help designers understand your brand
  • Designers battle it out to submit the perfect design, while you offer real-time feedback to guide them in the right direction
  • Seven days later, you’ll have a competitive selection of logos to choose from. If you can’t pick a winner, let the SitePoint community decide your fate with a poll.

That’s it!

You’ll have a brand-new logo that reflects your brand and communicates your story, completely free of charge.

To help show it off, we’ll feature your company in an exclusive article on SitePoint.

How to Enter and Eligibility

Enter by leaving a comment on this post (make sure to use an email address where we can contact you!) telling us about your company and why we should give you a new logo.

We’ll pick a winner at random by Friday February 17 (Pacific standard time) and contact them via email.

This giveaway is open to US residents only. We know that means many of you can’t enter, and we wish it could be otherwise! Giveaway laws are unfortunately very complicated.

See official rules for contest details

An exclusive 99designs offer

Can’t wait until then to get started? Live outside the US and want to get the best 99designs deal out there?

99designs are offering SitePoint readers their best deal ever: a $99 upgrade to any design contest, to make sure you reach the most elite designers on the platform.

  • geibi

    That’s an awesome giveway! And it would come to the exact right time for me. I’m going to start my business in March 2017 and what i really need an miss by now is a professional logo for my brand name. The name is in a brand registering process by now so i can’t communicate it in public yet. I’ll start out as a freelance WordPress and frontend developer and was hoping for a technical but also emotional logo. I keep my fingers crossed for the win :) Have a nice day!

  • cineron

    Awesome timing! I just started a new digital marketing company to differentiate from my design company and am looking for a logo.

  • A proper logo would be nice, instead of plain text 😊. Would like to get freelance work for some extra cash … If a logo helps that, if be very happy indeed.

  • Anastasia e. Riojas

    3kkori D-Zined (Art Design by 3kkori) is a project that I have maintained since 2010. It is an ever-evolving art business that includes original fine and graphic arts, as well as digitals available for download. What has started as a passionate hobby (not a new story line!) has encompassed much of my mental focus as of recent. I am becoming more aware of my inexperience in the marketplace and the finer nuances of strategy to even place myself on the map! A successful individualized logo is one aspect of aforementioned strategy in which I need guidance. Thank you for your time and opportunity. And, as ever, thank you for your very informative and educational sites!

  • Brian B

    My company is called Lilliput Press, and its a small book publishing company. A good logo is needed.

  • I am in the very beginning stages of creating a new podcast called The Fit Startup. I have the name of the show nailed down (obviously), the proper recording equipment and my first few guests lined up up but no logo or branding as of yet. The right logo design can help make or break a new podcast, especially in one in a crowded space such as the business and startup category. 99 Designs is a great company but it outside of my budget at the moment. Fiverr? No thanks, I can do at least that well on my own. This would be an outstanding opportunity for any one of the respondents to this post, thank you for making this offer to a very lucky winner. I can be reached via email at

  • Excellent I’m fresh starting my new graphic web & motion design company and could really use a professional identity.

  • Rafał

    OMG! I need a logo for MTB night riders team “Nocna Zmiana MTB” (translate: Warsaw Night Shift MTB Crew) from Warsaw – capital of small, poor post-communist country in middle Europe… In our logo must be:
    – text: Nocna Zmiana MTB
    – text: Warszawa (Warsaw)
    – warsaw mermaid (see in google images) !!!
    – chain set
    – single track (mabye hair of warsaw mermaid changing in single track :)
    – vistula river – our dear river! (option)
    – bike light fluxes (option)

    All in graffiti, punk, tattoo, geometric style…

    Pretty cool, isn’t it?!? …too difficult??

  • My partners & I are creating a new service for the real estate industry. We are in the early stages of app design and branding, so winning this would be outstanding!

  • Parker Sorensen

    Great offer. I need a logo for a new consulting company.

  • What a fantastic contest; it couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve been running a freelance web development company for over 11 years and, in that time, I have never updated my logo. I know it’s time to do some rebranding, but I really need some assistance on what it should look like.

  • Teri Thomas Pastorino

    I am rebranding myself/my company right now and struggling with the logo. I am a website development/virtual assistant business and I could really use some help. I have a lot of ideas and can’t seem to narrow it down. Might be time to call in the experts at 99designs! Thanks for the giveaway. My company is just me and so you know I wear a lot of hats – it would be great to have one thing that has been dogging me, taken off my plate so I can get my new website out there!

  • Jabran Shakil

    I’m starting a repair/consulting company, and being a broke college student means I only have money for Ramen. I’ll pay you guys back once my company rakes in millions, hopefully :)

  • Shane

    Creating a cloud security camera startup called myEye security.

    The company offers small and corporate businesses the ability to track cloud footage from their mobile application at the touch of a button in 4K HD. 24/7 security surveillance included with a personal security manager for each customer. Would love to have some free design work dice a majority of our time is being segmented to R&D and software development. :/ this would be huge!

  • The timing of this comp could not be better. I was discussing with a client that we need a logo for their firm, and as true as nuts the email came through!!!!

  • jabrister
    Hi Ophelie, we have been working on our site for nearly 10 yrs. Our site is one that will help people connect with businesses thru need to help them around the house. That we’re just about ready to launch but don’t have a solid logo, you’re fantastic company is just what would complete our story.

  • Richard

    Im starting a podcast for cast iron cookware: CastIronCast.

    A great logo would really help.

  • Linda Hahn

    This is wonderful! Thank you for the opportunity. I am in the process of branding and marketing a business to help teachers (who traditionally have very demaning jobs and low wages) to develop a side business to boost their income using what they do best … teaching! :) You can reach me at:

  • I’m an independent Sci-Fi author trying to build a strong brand. Fiction writing is a tough market to stand out in, so being able to snag an eye with a impressive logo would be invaluable.

  • Nice contest. I’ve had my tips and tutorial site for sometime and am in need of a new logo. The one I have isn’t as versatile as I need. However, I know that design is one of my weaknesses so would prefer letting the pros takeover.

  • Bobby DeLisio

    I would love a new logo. The one I’m using now was designed in 1996. Time for rebranding!

  • Orlando Masso

    Hi! Been one of your subscribers for a while! I’m starting a credit repair business in my area and my objective is to help people reach their dreams; whether it’s a house, car, or boat my services will allow them to achieve what they want. We’re in planning and development and a logo would be awesome!! I can be reached by email at

  • Am launching a new mobile app dev company. Would love new logo!

  • Collwyn

    In the inner city, we hear about others finding success all day, every day. Success mostly passes us by.
    My small company tries to help with low-cost advertising. A new logo would be great.

  • James

    Solar Power business that designs and builds remote power solutions that incorporates all sources of power generation, solar, wind, fuel cell, generator, or any other. It is all about a power solution not solely about being just a green solution.

  • Erick Meline

    Another startup, another logo. Let’s do this.

  • David Good

    Hi, i’ve been following your company for many years. We have built several area travel guide websites. We are now working on an “Antiques” site for the area and would like a logo to go with it.

  • Jason Durnil
  • Andrew Holmbeck

    Sitepoint has been so much help to me for many years. Thanks for all you do. Rebeltech

  • Pam Fraser

    You said anything goes. I’m a Realtor and have been using the same logo for a long time. That old logo needs updating. I’m looking for something new, but I don’t want it to be completely different since people recognize the current logo.

  • Greg Bernhardt

    Perfect timing! We are in the early stages of launch for our new WooCommerce store and would love to get a shiny new logo for the biz… Thanks!

  • Gerry Humphrey

    I am launching a niche social network that could use a proper logo for branding the site, apps and marketing. Currently I just used a placeholder text based logo and it is OK for development but will not be a good face for when we get ready to launch BETA access. Thank you for your consideration.

  • Denise Benkert

    I’m developing a book series and video game for children with terminal illnesses written and with design direction BY children with terminal illnesses (planning to benefit St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital).

  • Maureen Cunningham

    A women’s clothing line made in the USA with a modern stylish Parisian vibe that will sold in our online boutique.

  • save the animals

    I make parrot enrichment and designed the most important enrichment ever brought to aviculture… and everyone is stealing it and making copies. I want to expand to carry other companies products and usually make my own logos for everything I do, but would like to see what someone else sees. The name is StarBird Stores Thank you.

  • K Dana Shallcross

    Don’t laugh… I”m a web developer and graphic artist. I can’t do my own work. I consistently get 5 stars on Google and FB for others. People recommend me all the time because I’m good at helping others, myself, not so much. I actually hired someone to help me with my own website but he flaked out and I lost my money. I would LOVE some help with my own logo.

  • bit2bit

    Perfect timing, I was just thinking about a new logo and identity for my community!

  • Wayne Stemple

    I am a volunteer with a new non-profit dog rescue group (Diamond Dogs Rescue, LLC) that is based in Wisconsin. We pull dogs from shelters in kill states and have volunteer foster families care for them until they head to their forever homes. As a seasoned developer, I have stepped up to build their website for them. While I think that they have a nice logo, since I do not do graphics, I would like to see what 99Designs can do to help these little ‘clients’.

  • SallyW

    I’d love a new logo that reflects my company name as well as what I do. A webmaster, my current logo says what a site should do – attract -> inform -> connect. I’m the chief wizard but have yet to find a “wizard” that’s not got a grey beard (i.e., male) or clip-art-ish. This would be fun.

  • Corey Holmes

    I am a part time web developer with Columbia University and a freelancer on the side. Having a great logo to assist with my brand identity would help focus all of my future portfolio designs. Please give me a logo!! :D

  • Frank Chukwuelue

    I am building the next big product in New York City. Because of the importance of this product, i cannot disclose what its all about. I will love a very stunning logo to go with it. Give this to me and we will all meet at the top!

  • James Taylor

    I’m a Consultant too SOHO to Medium size business that are starting up or already in business. We at Taylor IT Solutions of South Louisiana not only consult but do repair, installs, upgrading, you name it we more and likely do it. I already have an idea for a log to identify our vast business but have not had the time to find a company to do our simply but meaningful logo. It would be nice to be able to win this and work with a company that would get feed back on our logo design and actually make the logo for us. Look forward to hopefully winning the logo design and working with 99designs.

  • I’m starting a new blog to help people wanting to freelance transition from working a full-time job to full-time freelancing. this blog will provide aspirational freelancers with the tools, tips, tricks, and everything I’ve learned along the way to help them figure out and jumpstart their freelance career.

    The name of the blog is Freelance Jump, and given the content, I’d love a logo that shows creativity and professionalism.

  • Entries are now closed. The winner will be notified by email and announced on SitePoint on February 20!

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