::jumps back in these forums after being away for some days::

So, my daily schedule, for my last 2 months of university was:

7:00 Wake up, eat a bit.
7:55 Waiting for the university's computer rooms to be opened
8:00 Rushing in with other furious computer addicts (sometimes we even hurt each other at the doors)
12:00 I'm hungry, i go outside and buy a chocolate snack at the machine
20:00 They close the computer room, i have to get back home, i'm amazed that i actually stood 12 hours in front of the same computer
20:30 Eat a bit
20:40 Call a friend (real one, on a real phone to phone communication, yeah i know it's prehistoric), schedule something for tonight
0:30 Eat dinner
1:00 Go to bed

Exams ? Puahahahah. Erm.
[That post would get too long if i tell you my daily schedule now, so i'll do it in a separate post later.]