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    I replaced a PentII 233 processor w/ a 466 Celeron on a 2+ year old PC & kept my 3.1 gig Western Harddrive, then did clean install of Win 2k. Much more stable than my experience with Win 3.1, 95 & 98!
    My problem is sluggish performance, at least it's not up to what I expected, especially with upgraded 192 mg of RAM.
    Is my 66 mgHz harddrive the problem, BIOS problems, virtual memory, what? Where do I start in figuring out how to take advantage of my investments in upgrades?
    This configuation ought to "sing" should it not? If it doesn't, where am I going wrong?
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    While Win2k doesn't require particularly good hardware, it does perform best on high PII or Athlon systems. It shouldn't be a major problem though. Your harddrive will be slowing it down slightly, but not that much.
    I wasn't happy with my systems performance either, and I also use Win2k. I upgraded to an AMD T-Bird 800, all problems are solved now.
    What does task manager (Ctrl-Alt-Del, Task Manager button) report your CPU usage and RAM usage as?
    That will hopefully give a clue as to where the problem lies.

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    I have found that WIn2k is a VERY picky OS when it comes to hardware and software.
    As James suggested check task manager and see how much resources you have available.

    Go through your normal speed issue checklist,

    1) TSR (treminate and Stay Residant) programs, Programs that load themselves into memory and just sit there until they are run you should be able to end task/process them once you have identifed them.

    2) Antivirus! Yes they may keep your system safe but an active scanner can make alot of systems run like a two legged dog! Turn it off when you don't need it.

    3) Make sure your drive is not fragmented.

    4) Why not do a benchmark on your computer and find and weaknesses.

    As per your hard drive, all older hard drives (I'm asuming it's ment to be 3.1gb not 31gb) run at 33mb/sec where as the newer UDMA (Ultra DMA) drives run at 66mb/sec which can boost prefromance some what.

    And finaly because you are running it on a celeron CPU, your board and RAM are only running at 66Mhz where as a PII, PIII, AThlon will be running atleast 100Mhz right through to 150Mhz. So the performance will be noticable in that respect too.

    Hope I been of some help.


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