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    Hi All,

    I am a newbie and maybe I just have not done enough reading in CSS but I have some questions about CSS code. I am hoping the SitePoint Community can help me with them.

    I am trying to use a page template to help me in creating a site and to use as a tutorial.

    The template is from Elated at

    The page I am working on is located at,

    I attempted to read the readme.txt for the template but when I adjusted the parameters I was not able to see the changes I made.

    The following css script comes with the template,

    My Questions are these,

    1. Whenever I change the parameters for the "body" in the CSS code I see no text changes on the page. However, If I change the parameters for the "td" I see text changes.

    Why have parameters for the "body" when changing them does not seem to affect any text on the page"? I cannot see any reason for adding this line of code?

    I would like feedback from the SitePoint Community about removing the "body" line of code.

    2. I cannot understand why the letter "a" is used with a colon [:] when determining the parameters for "link, visited, active,hover, visited:hover".

    Why write for those parameters in that format? Shouldn't they be in the "body" code on the CSS page?

    Any and all responses appreciated.

    Webbing Along!!!

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    Hmmm...well speaking from experience, CSS does not "inherit" well, so it would be a good thing to define the font size, face and colour using the tags that will contain the text.

    For example, you might want to define your text using "p" instead of "body".

    The style defined for "body" will show if the text was a child of the body element, but this is an extrememly unlikely situation.

    Normally I use "body" to define with CSS the background colour of the page, and maybe the margins.

    As for the second question, what you have there are pseudo-classes. Effectively, they define what happens to text belonging to "a" tags (as in hyperlinked) in various states.

    They should not be in the "body" code. You will need to change your mindset a bit transitioning from HTML only to HTML with CSS.


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