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    Photoshop CS3 color replacement hue adjustment not working

    I'm trying to change color of a selection of an image using the color replacement hue adjustment slider. When I move it to the right, the color doesn't change. See the attached screen shot, where the hue has been adjusted to +44, but the color in the result box is still white. photoship_hue_adjustment_slider.gif
    What am I missing?
    Paul C.

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    alas, color theory. black and white are not hues , as such they can't be adjusted mathematically ( which is what the color adjustment tool does) .

    This doesn't mean you cant do what you want tho. Here are a few ways:

    1) CHANNEL MIXER. You will have to know some math and some color theory but that is method will allow you to use the sliders to arrive at a color that pleases you.

    2) A better way, because its non destructive ( if that matters to you) is to duplicate your layer. On the LOWER layer fx->color overlay, and pick the color you want from the color picker. On the layer above , which must be grayscale, or better yet B&W, set the blending mode to :multiply

    3) chose your foreground color. use the magic wand (or whatever selection method you feel gives you most control to get the area you want ) and OPTION (alt on PC) DELETE

    Hope those help

    BTW am flagging this post to be moved to the GRAPHICS forum so that other members may also provide help.


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