I am planning to launch my site in a month and have some questions on forms I hope some people can help out with

1.) I am planning to have quite a few different needs for visitor feedback on my site.

i.e contact webmaster
contact site
sign up for competition
send in articles
readers Views (going to publish our reader emails..

so which ones do i use forms for and which ones do I use mailto's for. IMO mail to's look unproffesional do you agree ? What if some one does not have a pop account and only had mail account, its just gonna cause then grief right ? I was thinking that the first 2 could be mail to's and the rest forms, and perhaps I could integrate the last two in the same form ? What do you think ?

2.) If I just do the form in html and then get a cgi script to send it to my mail account will the script also have the code to display logically ?

Thanks you very much