You do realise I'm using asyncronous javascript to fire server-side code? My understanding with .NET so far is you use the postback to fire events. Does this require javascript to work live? At the moment I just add ?live=1 or ?live=2 to get the same script to do the same thing but with javascript. If ?live is not there then the output is expected as HTML.

"I believe you are missing the point wwb_99 is making" I think I must be! And that is what I don't like about .NET
After programming for 10 or so years, it's confusing the hell out of me! This page didn't help either It is so different from PHP and classic ASP. I want to program in basic. NET is far from basic. I can't even get a simple function to work. I don't care about speed, my PHP is compiled and is lightning fast. Why can't they just add a compiler for classic asp in the same way?

So with .NET I can call 2 functions simultanously with one connecting to a remote server and the other connecting to a database. How would I program such I thing to run at the same time? They can't take up the same lines of code? Could someone give me a small example of an asyncronous server side script? It may help me understand better. How would I get the results from one and pass it to the other? Or do I wait for both to get processed and do something with the results. I think line by line, both PHP and ASP are coded like that.