Uh... Sorry in advance, but I wasn't sure what forum to post this question into. Probably should've been the Hosting forum? Please have mercy.

I have a giant textfile on a website that I use to store names and emails of people who join my mailing list. It's very simple, and has only two fields consisting of email and name.

When it comes time to release a newsletter, I've always used a little Perl program I wrote to extract the information and feed it into sendmail on the web server...

This is my question. What happens when the list gets over a certain size, and the web server/host no longer wants to send out all those emails for me? (Ie: I'm using up too much time/resources on the server to do the mailings.) If I had... say 10,000 people in my list, that's a lot of emails.. not to mention the ones that come back as invalid addresses or whatever.

How do people deal with sending thousands of emails out for lists? Do you have to host your own lists, or rent a server? Or is there no limit to the web hosts "kindness?" and I can send as many as I want?

Thanks for any help.

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