Please log any bugs that you are noticing since the upgrade in this thread. Please make sure you read the thread first to ensure that your bug hasn't already been logged here.

The following are bugs that were noted in the Forum Upgrade thread.

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Oh noes!! the code highlight menu is gone! Now I have to remember BBCode syntax.
We are in the process of writing a plugin to rectify this. In the mean time, you can manually use the BBCode tag [HIGHLIGHT="somelanguage"]

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Off Topic:

****, that autosave is freaking awesome, although I can't say I got much love for the lack of
OT formatting!
Yup, the OT formatting is logged as a low priority change.

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Another thing I am missing, is the default forum landing page we had previously. I really loved the fact that you had "popular" topics that you guys selected and then shown there, and the left menu with all the forums.
The "Featured Posts" plugin needs to be rewritten and is high on the priority list.

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when before the tree menu on the left was a quick couple of clicks at most to get where I want.
The left menu tree was a plugin that needs to be rewritten and is top of the priority list.

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Oh, and the favicon hasn't changed still...
Really? I can see it. Can you confirm that after a hard refresh you still don't have it?

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...word-wrap in the quick reply box!
Yeah, that is a weird one and is logged to be fixed.

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Just a couple of minor issues:
Can we have underlines back on links please?
And "mark this forum read" working?
And some clear differentiation between threads with new replies, and those without?
The jury is still out on the underlines, "Mark Forum Read" seems to be working and yes to the last one, it is logged.

Quote Originally Posted by Stevie D View Post's too wide. It doesn't fit on a 1024px screen
Agreed. I'm not sure that 100% is the answer, but we do need to do something about this.

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Holy cow you people complain a lot. Do none of you people run sites or what? There are always problems with upgrades and always things that are different. Who cares. Move on.
I am in love with you.