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    Doo Yoo believe it?

    Doo Yoo, a UK consumer opinion portal, have been suspended from both CJ and DGM2. They have repeatedly been suspended and reactivated at the former. We stuck with them despite their appalling EPC at CJ and dismal record of making payments to the networks. That was because of promises made by their new affiliate manager.

    I can also reveal here that Doo Yoo calculated a lead to have been generated if somebody went on to make a certain number of postings at their Web site. The affiliate manager told me the previous person had initiated such a tough regime (which essentially ensured that very people we and other webmasters referred to their site earnt us any revenue). These loopholes were not mentioned in their description at CJ and therefore I find their affiliate program to have been misleading. Outrageous even.

    We wouldn't have promoted them if we'd known that we'd only earn our 50 pence or whatever it was if and when somebody posted five reviews on their site.

    It'll waste hours of our time to remove links to Doo Yoo from our network of sites, but it's their loss, not ours. I predicted the demise of another set of a@#asdf~@s guys, DealTime, and their multi-million German site is already history. I hope Doo Yoo will be next on the list of dot gonners.

    Overall, a shabby company that treats its affiliates like dirt. Wonder if I can review Doo Yoo's affiliate program on their own portal?
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    its shocking that a company as big as doo yoo should resort to these tactics

    i think that CJ should be doing more in these sort of matters also


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