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View Poll Results: How far have you got with PHP and Web Services?

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  • I've built an XML-RPC client for a web service

    15 16.30%
  • I've built my own XML-RPC server

    17 18.48%
  • I've built an SOAP client for a web service

    15 16.30%
  • I've built my own SOAP server

    9 9.78%
  • I can't see a reason to use web services

    15 16.30%
  • I don't understand the technology and concepts involved

    36 39.13%
  • What's a web service?

    21 22.83%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HarryF
    Interesting. Looking at the Poll results, most votes for "Not understanding the concepts" right now. Will see about simpler descriptions.

    Came across an XML-RPC implementation missed out in the article;

    This actually looks really good. It turns PHP classes straight into XML-RPC servers, with next to no work involved.
    Wow, that's actually quite a simple and nice class.

    Sadly, a lot of classes out there suffer from bloat or tie-down's (to a precept or output and as such lose much of their benefit as "classes").


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    I know this is quite an old thread now, but it started off talking about different uses of web services for the average web developer.

    I would be very interested to hear any other uses of web services that people have come up with.

    I run a small ASP based CMS for my clients where all the data is stored in the single database. I plan to turn the content in this database into a web service that allows clients to leverage the content of their website for other projects.

    Now although my client base is still small (about 12 clients), the ASP has only been running for about 3 months now, so hopefully this base will grow!

    Does anyone else have more interesting stories/ideas of web services that might inspire us all to use them a little more?
    Colin Burns
    Founder & CEO, cmsadvantage
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