I'm wokring on a simple franken problem, and they are the worst. I'm not sure if this is JavaScript, PHP, or the dreaded combination. When I did a search on the net this combo thing pops up a lot of confusing AJAX repsonses.

The problem has two parts. I have a form element (pull down, form select, actually) that I want to submit with an "onChange" event. (Frequently I use JavaScript as a client side validator when filling out a form.)

The second part is the page is dynamically generated php content. A $_GET variable is sent to a controller script to indicate the status of the page as it reloads. The form select is passed in the $_POST variable (a value that alters the php presentation of the content). The form content is sent with the submission of the form, but how do I send the $_GET variable. In PHP it is a "send header" function.