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    Question Non-Standard jQuery files in web tutorials

    When I see web tutorials, I try to download the code to see if I can get it to work locally, where I have the Standard jQuery and UI files in a library folder.

    Many of these tutorials, however, use their own custom versions of jquery and UI files, eg:
    jquery-ui-1.css, jquery-1.js, and jquery-ui-1.js
    which get loaded into a separate _files folder.
    And I can't figure what they do, because they're usually compressed and very difficult to read.

    I don't want a zillion copies of the basic jQuery files on my computer, but their programs don't work if I try to substitute the canonical versions, so they must be customized in some way.

    Does anyone know whether these versions are some arcane standard that I'm unaware of?

    Or do I just have to keep searching in the hope that eventually I'll find a tutorial that uses only the standard library?

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    It could be that they're just the "make your own" versions that you can create on the website, where you just choose the bits you want and it's all put into a single file.

    Or it could be that it has in effect had custom code (or plugins) added to it, and then the whole thing has been put through a minifier or packer of some sort. Unfortunately it's hard to tell when they've been compressed into gibberish, so I think you're stuck with using their own jQuery files.

    I can understand your frustration. Someone writing tutorials should know better and use the standard library.


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