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    Calling DOS batch file from C on Vista

    Gudday all
    Need to call a DOS batch file from C on my Vista or XP machine (but the code will eventually go on a Win2003/2007 machine).
    Searching through the forums found a few previous threads which had some information but not quite.
    I want to call a batch file from the C programme and pass one parameter from C to the batch.
    The system call is
    system("testing_parse_lines_DOS-2.bat oldrptname");
    with the parameter being oldrptname. Note that oldrptname is a variable and contains data which will be different every time the C programme is run.
    The batch file is
    @echo off
    setlocal enabledelayedexpansion
    for /f "tokens=1,2,3,4* delims=\" %%a in (moveTIFF.dat) do (
     set full_line=\%%a\%%b\%%c\%%d
     set file_name=%%d
     echo Full line: !full_line!
     echo File name: !file_name!
     copy /b !file_name! !full_line! 
     del RPT.dat
     del moveTiff.dat
     rename error.dat %1
    and the parameter passed is %1.
    The problem is that the renaming works up to a point. It changes the file name 'error.dat' to 'oldrptname' rather than the contents of the variable oldrptname. The data in oldrptname will always have the form "xxxxxxxx.RPT".
    The batch file and the exe are in the same directory.
    I tried the combination of
    system("testing_parse_lines_DOS-2.bat" oldrptname);
    but that throws up a compiler error.
    Looking through other threads mention has been made of setting paths etc: but I am unsure whether that applies to the C or batch or both.
    I am hoping that the error is a simple syntax error. Perhaps the way I pass the variable from C to the batch or the way I express it in the batch?
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    You need to construct the command for system(), you can't just put the variable name in a literal string.


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