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Thread: Simply SQL

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    Simply SQL

    Simply SQL By Rudy Limeback

    This is my first sitepoint book and I am really loving it so far. I was suprised it isn't really a book for a newbie to pick up off the shelf and doesn't waste space going into how to setup SQL on servers, like you usually find in most PHP books. I am GLAD it gets down to the nitty gritty RIGHT away haha.

    I'm starting to understand terms that internet tutorials didn't do me justice on. It's broken down with visible examples. I'm very happy and surprised that SQL has this much power, very cool.

    In my opinion, this is not a book you can whip through and be done with in a week or two, I think you have to sit down, practice, and take your time to get it and keep going back to it. (Maybe that's what most people do, I dont know?? LOL)

    I haven't read it all yet, I'm a slow reader and skimper around-er, and read best by highlighting things and coming back over them.

    I really like the big text (Fonts also) and examples with the sitepoint books. Its broken down Niiice. I will definately buy another sitepoint book if one comes along with my interest.

    Great job sitepoint

    Disclaimer: I apologize Im not a very good writer..

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    thanks for the kind words, J | @rudydotca
    Buy my SitePoint book: Simply SQL
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