I need some advice from you guys. I've ran into problems with All Clicks. They've just recently told me they're canceling my account, and in the process not paying me over 200 dollars I've accrued since December. When I asked them why, they(Robert) told me that the e-mail would be their final correspondance with me. The email failed to give specifics, only saying I was automaticly opening links in 0 by 0 windows. THIS IS BULL! I NEVER ONCE DID THIS! I've responded asking them for more detailed info, like a date and the url where my violation occured.

That's my situation, now what do I do? I know I never violated their TOS, and they've told me if I have any more problems to seek legal counsel. There's no point to seeking legal counsel over 200 bucks if its going to cost me that much in legal fees. Another question: Doesn't the burden of proof fall on them? Meaning, don't they have to prove my guilt, not me proving innocense. I respect your opinions, what should I do?

Thanks Cameron
P.S. Heres a link to the page my clicks came from: Project Mp3