I have a website called LoudThought.co.nz which is a community for New Zealand artists and musicians.

I'm thinking of opening up the source code and trying to create a community around the piece of software itself. I coded it myself last year by hand on the code igniter framework with a few other libraries such as redux auth for authentication.

What Iím trying to do is gather support and see if there would be sufficient interest from other developers to become part of this project, before I go ahead and get things rolling.

I guess the goal would be that we develop a piece of software for people to build communities around particular topics of interest (in my case, New Zealand artists)

The way my website currently works is this: members can join and create a professional portfolio, profile, showcase, including video, images, text (also can upload pdfs) and communicate privately with other members. The idea right from the start was to strip out things like commenting publicly on peoples profiles or media etc. And provide clean individual profiles.
Another feature Iíve developed is a poster/events board and a few other wizzbangs.

Things I would like to do for future releases is:
Add the ability for members to create and maintain ďproject pagesĒ.
Integration for members with twitter and facebook etc.
Tighter blogging integration. (maybe with wordpress or develop our own)
Lots of code refactoring.

Take a browse around www.loudthought.co.nz, check out some of the member profiles and other features. Take a look at what can be done at the moment and think about how we could turn this community software into something unique

If you would like to get involved, practice your skills and becoming more familiar with code igniter, a fun way to relax or would just like to get involved in a cool, open source project- express your interest below and we can start getting organised.
Cher, Jake Nieuwland