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    commercial CMS advice

    has anyone had much experience with either Sitecore or Easysite CMS?

    I'm looking for what I believe will require a professional CMS, but I've only ever worked with open source ones. (edit: not to say OS ones aren't professional, but i'm sure you will understand me)

    I'm also not familar with ASP, which both these seem to use - is there any reason for this, beyond being commercial?

    What sort of price am I (or rather my company) looking at?
    Are the backend/frontend simple to use, or will it require extensive training. How flexible are they?

    Some sites that I will be basing our next major project on make use of one of these CMS, so feature wise it appears to be very flexible, but theres just so much choice, and I'd like to present a well researched set of choices.

    Going to request a demonstration later for both CMS but would rather get feedback from people who acutally use this sort of software in real life situations.

    and are there any other viable commercial CMS you'd recommend?


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    Have you looked at Joomla ( ?

    Commercial php / mysql cms. I know a few people who love it.


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