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    Angry PHP/MySQL - Enterprise Deployment?


    Hopefully someone working in IT, databases, etc. at the corporate level can answer this question.

    Are you able to deploy PHP/MySQL scripts for the enterprise?

    I know there are issues when corporations use Oracle databases and they don't want to re-compile PHP, etc.

    My script asks IT administrators to upload a PHP authentication file which connects to a MySQL database to authenticate users. They will need to setup a custom MySQL database and add in each employee from the corporation as a permitted user. I get the feeling this is not ideal. Any better workarounds for the enterprise level?

    Should I delay enterprise deployment until I can use a combination such as ASP/Oracle?

    Is it common to allow a corporation's programmers to fix (or build their own) scripts in case they don't use PHP/MySQL? For example, is it common for corporations to identify a PHP script they really like (but incompatible with their server environment) and then just pass it on to the programmers to re-write the script for their environment?

    Or should I get someone to re-write my script for all databases and operating systems? I was looking at database servers and they're using operating systems I haven't even heard of (i.e. IBM AIX?)

    Given the dozens of different operating systems and hundreds of different enterprise database offerings, this could be more hectic than Javascript DOM!

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    If your script requires they replicate every employee's details into your database for authentication, you're not going to get in the door, so forget about any other requirements mattering.

    Look into Active Directory for starters.


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