i got my data into mysql, wrote a workable php with lots of help from you all. the display works fine for win98. but then falls apart on apple and winnt.

here is how

my site is noevalley.com. go there and click on shops and services and a page with multiple categories displays. some are one name categories and some are multiple name.

click on a single name and the category will open to display the possibilities. ie thai under food. but if you had chosen public elementary a two name category under schools only public would display and no selections.

on win98 this would work fine on winnt or apple it would be as described.

the reason

there is a desire for a + between the public and education in the nt and apple and the win98 takes care of it internally.

so i will be going to kevins tutorial for the answer.

if anyone has a win98 that is not working as i had originally intended, please let me know.

darned if i know for sure. similar problems?

thanks ed