I'm trying to figure out how to handle exceptions brought up by starting an SSH connection that fails.

For example, I have this code

$arrConnInfo.each do |strConnInfo|
  strConnInfo = strConnInfo.split(",")
  # Load connection variables
  strHostName = strConnInfo[0]
  strUserName = strConnInfo[1]
  strUserPwd = strConnInfo[2]

    Net::SSH.start( strHostName, strUserName, strUserPwd ) do |session|
      shell = session.shell.sync
      $a = LinuxSystem.new(shell)
  rescue SocketError
    puts "Host name cannot be resolved."

  #work with SSH connection here if connection is successful....

This is stripped down version of it, but basically, it tries to SSH to a Linux box given the connection information from the array in the beginning, and if it cannot connect successfully (therefore raising the SocketError exception, for example), I want it to exit out of the current block of code (the EACH block), so the next iteration of $arrConnInfo is read in and processed.

Right now, if the SocketError exception is brought up, it hits break and the program stops. How can I code it so it will simply move on to the next iteration? I don't find much information on the break method, so are there any alternatives?