Five months ago, I looked online for a job agency specializing in creative and technical jobs in new media industry. I applied to the agency as a job candidate so that they can give me leads to possible jobs. So I submitted my resume, work experience, small portfolio, etc. then decided to give them a call to ask a few questions about how timely their responses usually are about interviewing candidates.

I don't seem them being very responsive at all. A month after submitting my information, I called to ask if they had any possible leads for me. Incredibly, they responded by saying that they don't have any records of my information. This despite being able to log in and view my personal information which should be already be accessible to the people that work there. The secretary told me that she will comb over the resumes again to check.

Two months ago I finally got a confirmation of a possible interview. It was sent by email from one of the hiring managers telling me to call her on her phone asap. Unfortunately, I had lost my phone the last week and waiting to get it replaced, which is what I told the manager on my reply. Later that week I got another phone and called her back. I've only gotten her answering machine all the times I tried calling during one week. I decided to give up on them after that.

Their reps seem unprofessional to not get back to you, especially if they were the ones that initiated contact with you. I can understand this for an actual company where I'll work, but for a job agency it doesn't look like a nice way to reel in clients. They sometimes get back to me right away, or call with very excited tones, ask for samples, then I never hear from them again.

This is not the only job agency in town that focuses on this industry. I may attempt to contact others but I'm not sure yet. How has your experience fared with them, and is it usually hit-or-miss with communication with such agencies?