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    "Migrating Flash site to another CMS",

    my first website, <snip />, was created in all flash apparently. i used a shady outfit <snip /> to upload and host it based on my designs, and it looked okay and was simple for me to update regularily.

    but a month ago, my computer wouldn't load the site, and neither would my wife's 2 or my mom's. others still can somehow. the bottom line is, i want to migrate this away from them, from flash, and move it to something else.

    one of our mastermind's here mentioned something like Joomla, which apparently also has an easy type of Admin Control Panel so an idiot like myself can handle it.

    anyone here have any experience with this, with migraiting a site from a flash site to another CMS?

    i don't even know for sure how i would change it.... i own the domain, but i can't even get control of my own site. from another CPU, i can log in and make changes, but only to the basic layout as defined.
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