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I am upset. Someone told me my boss said he doesn't want us to use Dreamweaver anymore! That is insane! Dreamweaver is an important designing tool, and a powerful one at that! I have been having problems with my programmers all because of the issues between an HTML Dreamweaver file and a Microsoft Visual Studio ASP file. The problem is NOT Dreamweaver, the problem is what we are doing with the files. Do you agree that saying a designer can't use Dreamweaver anymore is a gross error? Or does it really matter? I hate to have to fight him on this. But I don't want anyone making decisions out of ignorance either! By illuminating Dreamweaver would be to slow down the design process significantly!
Start talking about profits.

It is much faster to create a functional site using Dreamweaver. Learning HTML is crucial because DW and VS will add extraneous code.

Sample Scenario: Coding in Notepad may take 3 days, where DW will take 3 hours (if you can write HTML and know what to clean up).

I feel your pain on this one, but VS is quite easy to use too (even though I prefer DW).