I'm having a rendering problem while using the mootools framework, and tried the forums over there but after 3 views in 24hours i throught it could take a while...

What's happening, is while using a dropdown effect half of the last li element in the list is being cut off.

An example is in the right hand column here: http://www.tourismonline.com/oceania...w-south-wales/... I am only using basic CSS styling so thought it could be something due to the javascript which I don't think will be much help but have included it below anyway:
Code JavaScript:
		window.addEvent( 'domready', function(){
			$$( '.moreInfoWrapper' ).each(function(item){
				var thisSlider = new Fx.Slide( item.getElement( '.children' ), { duration: 500 } );
				item.getElement( '.toggleview' ).addEvent( 'click', function(){ thisSlider.toggle(); } );
			} );
		} );
If anyone is familiar with mootools or has had this problem before please let me know as I have been staring at this endlessly for the last 3-4 days whenever i have spare time and can't seem to solve it! Hoping a fresh set of eyes may help.