Hi folks,

I am trying to use XMLDSO to load an XML file into a HTML document and then pick out and display the data.

For a simple XML file I have this all working fine.

However, the real world XML file that I will be using (and I have no control over) has an attribute on every single tag for preserving space.


<title xml:space="preserve">Mr</title>
<firstname xml:space="preserve">Joe</firstname>
<lastname xml:space="preserve">Bloggs</lastname>

As soon as I add these xml:space="preserve" attributes into my test data, then nothing works i.e. no data is extracted from the XML and no errors.

When I take them out, the data appears again.

Does anyone have any ideas what may be happening and how I might workaround this as I cannot change the source XML and would like a solution where I can get XMLDSO to somehow ignore these attributes.