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    Web based Print application

    We have CD labels that we often print information onto and then stomp onto a CD.

    Right now, we use Illustrator to put all the information we want onto the label...but other departments of our company are not Illustrator or Photoshop savy, so it's up to me to come up with an application that they can use.

    Initially, I used Excel to space out everything I wanted. I used formulas so that when they put the information in to one cell, it would automatically show up in 2-3 other cells.

    Today, the idea was presented to me that I should do this as a Web based application. They go to a specified site, input all the information, and then the next page is formatted to print perfectly on an 8.5x11 sheet of paper in specific locations.

    The programming part I can do...the part that i need help with now is how do I set up an online template that will precisely print to an 8.5x11 where I specify..

    thanks for any help on this!
    ~ Nate L ~

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    My suggestion is exporting to PDF. The hard part is generating the pictures, tucking them into a page and then sending the byte stream down the pipe is trivial.


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