IM lost on this rss feed stuff.. i have 3 sites... how do i access, create, or whatever with my rss ...i know rss submitters are a good source of im trying to submit my rss feeds to rss feed sites..but alwasy get errors


my first site
hip hop rumors gossip new music site which is updated every other day...everythinghiphop.ning dot com to view...if you do visit my site ..sure you dont have to ..but i do i have my rss feed.. on this site it has a widget for rss ...i activated it so at the bottom is see updates ...which is good..rss is active..but how do i grab my link or url to submit it to rss feed website?


2nd site. which i personally own the domain name to
resource type website..will be update often..but prob not everyday...officialmixtapetutorials dot would i get this rss feed ?

and last my blog..... ohhellnodotcom dot blogspot dot com.....
how do i active a rss feed for a blog..please help me somone

i understand the concept of RSS ...but cant get it to wokr with me..i added my hip hop RSS to i go in google and i see updates and all this...tried to copy url and submit that to rss feeders. gives me errors..

i posted my links so whoever reads this and wants to help and look at my promoting nothing...i got visitors already..just help me with my RSS please if anyone gets a chance..this is killing me!!!!!!!!!