Hi all,

I am using the Dreamweaver Spry framework to display contact info in a web page. One of the contact items is an email address which I would like to be a hyperlink. My XML looks like this. Take note of the email tag:

Code XML:
    <name>Steve Allbritton</name>
    <title>Executive Vice President, Director of Marketing</title>
    <email><a href="mailto:sallbritton@cfm.us.com">sallbritton@cfm.us.com</a></email>
    <phone>800.538.5111 ext. 1729</phone>

When I pull this into my HTML page, everything shows up but the email address. If I get rid of the <a> tag, the email address will show, but not as a hyperlink.

How do I get the email address to show as a clickable hyperlink?