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    GIMP or buy Photoshop? plus web templates

    Hi guys,

    I'm on a tight budget at the moment and cannot really afford Photoshop CS3 although I do like the program (I also like Fireworks) and use it fairly well. (well, okay-ish)

    Would the GIMP program (freeware) cover basic needs of web graphic design, i.e. logos, buttons, backgrounds with gradients, tiles, text effects or should I really save up and get one of the commercial programs?

    Most of my work is PHP/ASP.NET-based for the near future but I've always had an aptitude for graphics and colours and I'd like to expand my skillset.. but I don't want to waste time with a program I wouldn't be able to use at some point professionally.

    any help greatly appreciated!

    ps - I also have seen Inkscape - is this as good or better than GIMP?

    edit: I dunno why I wrote web templates in the subject line, must've been miles away lol
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