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    Visual Studio for PHP , Ruby , Python, J2EE?


    I'm heading back to college to do my MSc and am thinking about dissertations to do.

    I spent the last few years working in the financial sector making trading environments help within eclipse (RCP). One thing that I've always liked about Microsoft technologies is their development environment.

    It's really so much better then anything I've come across. I've seen people scream at Java just because it can take about a week to configure.

    So to my question - I'm looking at making something similar for the above mentioned languages within eclipse. But before I start I'd like to know if something already exists

    I'm talking about making an environment with a bunch of UI / Data controls to speed up development not code complete and colour highlighting.
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    php --> aptana
    python --> pydev
    j2ee --> hmm tons of it
    ruby --> aptana also make a ruby plugin


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