Hi everyone,

It seems that wordpress support forum is really very slow, i cannot take it already. Wondering if anyone can help or give advice?

I have been using wordpress for a while and everything was ok until this morning after installed new plugin.

Does anyone know how to resolve the situation as described above? My blog Post/Page are showing on Blog but its not showing on wordpress admin dashboard. What this means is that i can read the posts/pages on my blog but i cannot edit them.

I have uninstalled the new plugin as well as tried to restore my old db using mysql but to no avail.

To be accurate, i have 3 post (out of 50+) showing on my 'manage post' dashboard, and they coincidentally happen to be from the same date. i have no pages showing up.

i did a few tests, and realize that when i make new post they also dun show up, unless i change the date published to be same as the 3 post that showed up. If the publish date is different, i cannot see it.

I have no idea how this work, so really appreciate any kind soul's help.