I would like to know whether any of you have used Rapyd +CI framework to develop applications. Because I am using CI +Rapyd(datagrid,datafilters..) and got stuck in using javascript for checkboxes.

The problem is :
I need to use checkbox in datagrid and keep track of checked records.
$grid->column("Pay","<input type='checkbox' name='pay[]' id='chkToggle' value='<#cid#>' onClick='getCheckArray(this)' />");

<script type="text/javascript">
function getCheckArray(c)
var chk_value;
if(chk_value.checked) //doesn't seem to work
//get checked cid's


earlier I just used DOM to solve the problem. But i wonder how DOM model can be used in Rapyd Datagrid.

If anybody has used it, then please see to it