Hi there,

Not sure if the subject of the post makes sense but I was wondering how others were solving this problem. I've created an interface in my swf file called "main.swf". The main.swf will be the interface/wrapper class for the rest of the site.

Since I want to minimise the application as much as possible, I'd like to split off the sites secondary pages into separate .swf files. Thus contactus.swf, people.swf etc. I'm just wondering, if I use a regular content loader and introduce the .swf file into the main.swf code structure, can I have it make use of navigation controls/functions in .swf. Basically I'm wondering how inheritance of child swfs works and what kind of access I can gain from the secondary loading page?

To make things a bit more complex, I'm developing my entire site in a PV3D environment, so everything will be code generated. The "main" wrapper site will load in a 70kb file and the rest of the pages will load afterwards. The thing is though that to manipulate the base functions of the site I need to make requests to functions in the main.swf structure.

I remember that in AS2.0 I could bring in files and refer to each swf file as a layered item. Thus I simply had to request things from _level0 or something like that.

A solid tutorial on this would be awesome, or a brief explanation of what I'm missing would be awesome.