I created a program during 2007 and I was wondering if someone could give me an evaluation on what kind of price I should sell this for. I understand that it will not be very high, but with university coming up I would just like to sell some things.


The script has about 400 people signed up, though due to a small technical upgrade at the start around 100-200 records were lost.

This was featured in the Official Xbox 360 Magazine which brought in a large number of views.

The image is featured in many forum sigs and last month recieved approx. 6600 unique views, and this month has had 770 uniques at time of writting. With advertising or logo placement it could be seen all around the world easily and efficiently.

It could be turned into its own site or kept as a feature. Sources their Xbox Live avatar and can be updated in a cron job through the database, though this is currently not the case.

Thank you in advance for your input,