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    Lightbulb Downloading script

    I was searching for a way to download Rapidshare files for free without having to wait hours between each file when I found this
    I know its in another language but you can get the gist of how it works

    Its a site that takes your rapidshare download link and lets you download your file straight away

    Does anyone know where I could get a script that would do something similar to this? Or could someone tell me how it works?

    I'm interested in maybe setting up a similar site

    I've been searching for it but not sure what a script like this would be called

    Thanks for any help

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    Here's probably why:


    Which DOWNLOAD RULES have to be followed? (Terms of use)

    * Free users have to enter some letters before the downloads start in order to have the permission to use the infrastructure of RapidShare for free.
    * Free users may only download a certain amount of Megabytes per hour. If this amount is exceeded, a message will appear.
    * If a free user violates this terms of use, RapidShare has the right to permanently ban the free user from the RapidShare network.
    * People writing programs with the goal to violate our terms of use will be made fully responsible for the financial losses/damages.

    ie. it's against their terms of service, so it shouldn't be done.


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