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    Ok i'm on VServers. with my account (the pro) i get to have mySQL and PHP. in the mySQL i can create db's tables etc. all from an admin screen so it's really easy (a plus for a db idiot)

    my question is how should i go about doing things. ie should i do a db for each item (articles, reesources, etc) or should i do a db for each site and then tables for thee differant items in that site?

    i'm concerned about speed and makeing it easy to implement.

    any help would be most greatful

    Eric Jones - WR Moderator / Administrator
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    I'm going to take a stab at this, or atleast give my opinion.

    For coding ease, I would say put everything into one database, using different tables. I don't know of any table limitations with MySQL, and the two gig file size limitation of Linux won't be hit (unless you've got two gigs of server space)

    Another way may be to do it like I have it setup, where most of the site is under one db, with features that don't coincide with most of the site (such as message forums, search engine database) under different db's.

    But I guess it doesn't really matter either way.


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    from experience, db / site seems to be most efficient ..

    since you can later, in the future dump the database contents to a file, etc, and that cant be done for multiple db's unless you're an admin

    Vinay Sahni, Coder .. specializing in php/mysql
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