Helo everybody,
I working with setTimeout and setInterval almost many places in the application. Each time a ajax request will be running in the background to show the result to the user, without refreshing the page infront(refreshing in the background, it means-sending request frequently by calling a function by using setTimeout).

So, my questions are below.
1/. If am not clear the setTimeout, it will be running till it is cleared in the server. As i mean the ajax request here.
2/. So if am clearing the request by onunload method, whenever a browser is closed. it will clear all the request from the server.
3/. My major question is, whether the server will get slow down - if we using multiple function calling frequently by using setTimeout. For your info, i am using frames in the application.

I am expecting your valuable reply at earliest.

P.S: My application is wholly depends on the data.

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Thanks and Regards,
Srinivasan m