well i m fairly new in Javascript... i got some prb and still not getting solution ... anyway i got a prb with the drop down menu link & i need to put images in the drop down coz site has been made in arabic language... and afterall i got the drop down with images but i dont know how i m gonna put link in it... check this out this is my site

when u goto the second uper right link that's a drop down link.... n i m going to show u the script plzz look at it

var MENU_ITEMS = [
{pos:[566,107], itemoff:[18,0], leveloff:[31,0], style:STYLE, size:[43,154]},
{code:'<img src="images/tools.jpg" width="154" height="43" />',
ocode:'<img src="images/tools_rollover.jpg" width="154" height="43" />',

{code:'<img src="images/calculator.jpg" width="154" height="19"/>',
ocode:'<img src="images/calculator.jpg" width="154" height="19" />'},
{code:'<img src="images/currency_conversion.jpg" width="154" height="19" />',
ocode:'<img src="images/currency_conversion.jpg" width="154" height="19" />'},



can anybody help me out..... advance thanx to all of u