I'm very new to wordpress and I've been working on setting 3 of them for the past couple of weeks.

I've read the "What WordPress plugins do you use?" post and see that some of the plugin listed aren't needed in the new wordpress as some functions provided by these plugins now come packaged within the wp software.

So I'm a little uncertain as to which plugin is important to download with wp 2.3.1

This is what's important to me now:

1. URL are seo friendly and don't go too deep into directories. Maybe one or two deep at the most.

2. when I post, the major search engines, Technorati, and whatever other SE is important to ping get notified.

3. my pages are SEO optimized

4. I can add forms to my pages

5. I can add camtasia video to my pages. I know html so I can past the codes if that is all that it takes

I'm wondering at this time which plugins to upload? My understanding is wordpress 2.3.1 can do #1, #2 and I think it can do #4 and 5.

I don't know if there is a better way to do #1 with a plugin as there are some limitation with the current permalinks that comes with WP (I'm not too familiar with this feature yet)

The only plugin I think I need is the all-in-one-seo for the title tags, and I keep hearin about feedburner, which again I'm not very familiar with.

Any other recommendation or comment to stir me in the right direction. Keep in mind that I'm using wordpress 2.3.1.