I'm not really a huge fan of the term blogging, because I feel that it is too narrow for what it is supposed to define these days, and I feel online publishing is much more accurate.

That was just an initial digression, the real purpose behind this thread is finding out what resources similar minds like me find useful! I have just recently done a list of 40 resources I find useful at my personal blog, but those are of course just limited to the ones I was already aware of.

But seeing how this is the internet, and there's bound to be a vast amount of uncharted terrain for me out there, I want to know what resources other people use in order to improve their success rates when it comes to online publishing. And with resources I mean practically everything that has helped make you a better publisher, be it websites, forums, social media sites or tools of the trade.

And finally, a selection of those who made it to my list:

  • SitePoint Forums - Ever heard of them?
  • Web Hosting Talk - Great for everything web hosting and then some.
  • 9rules Notes - Excellent community consisting mainly of other publishers.
  • Dosh Dosh - Fantastic blog about all things related to making money online.
  • Quick Sprout - Another great blog, this one by the oh-so-famous Neil Patel, discussing personal branding.