Hello everyone,

Right im really finding it hard to find any informtaion on this, but i have being on a few ajax driven websites lately, and i have seen a feature that i love.

What it is, on sites like **** and a few other sites out there, there is a little button under each listing that says " Add to favorites " once it is clicked then the text changes to " Remove from favorites ", now this is obviously ajax controlled as that page does not refresh, you then get a seperate page where you can go to view all your favorited articles, and obviously you have to be logged in to perform this type of opperation.

How would i go about acheiving this ? i have searched for days for a tutorial but to no use , here is a few pics of what i meen :

The one thing i have noticed about the sites that have it, they all have the jquery javascript framework, so natually i have searched the jquery library but still have not found anything.

Can someone please please help me.

Many regards